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NEW :: "Welcome to My World" — Play Script

Welcome to My World is a brand new one-girl musical by Bruce Kimmel. It is the first one-person musical ever written for and about a fourteen-year-old girl. The show is a series of monologues and songs, taking you into the world of a bright, funny, irreverent and iconoclastic young girl named Molly, who has her own very unique way of looking at things and life. Through a series of monologues and songs, we learn all about what makes her tick, what her views are on any number of topics, and how she navigates herself through the sometimes tortuous territory that is teen life.


“Creator Bruce Kimmel has penned some very articulate and thoughtful songs capturing the rambling thoughts and moods of Molly, offering emotional storytelling reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim.”
— Mary Mallory, The Tolucan Times

“The songs Kimmel has written for the show run the gamut
from peppy and upbeat - a teenager’s ‘I Want’ list
to an ASL signed ‘Note to Boys’ to the jubilant ‘Let Me Sing.’”
— Rob Stevens Now Playing HHW

Welcome to My World is One-Girl Wonderful! Kimmel has lent
his inimitable magic, concocting a rich, full-bodied-but-temperate theatrical cocktail suitable for all audiences - his genuinely clever book is equal parts wit and pith-bracing and always funny! Moreover, his score, too, is overflowing with delightful songs, each with exquisite lyrics that are lush and poetic while at the same time staying smart (occasionally
biting) and unforgettable. Come experience ‘The Molly Philosophy of Life’ with this thoroughly charming evening of theater!”
— Leo Buck - Bucking Trends


Welcome to My World was written by the
uber-talented Bruce Kimmel, a director and writer who has produced over 180 albums of soundtracks and theater music for his label, Kritzerland. The musical is a sweet, funny, and affectionate look at teens in modern day society.”
— Broadway World



Will ship the second week of January.

Signed Copy
BUY NOW! $14.00
Shipping & Handling $3.75
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