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Please find a list of key Kritzerland staffers who will try to answer your questions.

If you would like to contact us via email, please use the click here below next to the appropriate category:

Information Click Here

Orders Click Here

Webmaster Click Here


For those who prefer stamp/standard mail order,
send a check or Money Order made payble to Kritzerland
for the cost of the album(s) plus the shipping costs listed below:

Number of CDs    Shipping Cost
 1-2 CDs          $5.50
 3-6 CDs          $8.50
       7 or more       $16.00     

1-2 CDs            $16.50
3-4 CDs           $24.50
5-10 CDs          $30.00
11-15 CDs        $45.00
16 or more        Write for a quote


If you would like to order via MAIL ORDER or contact us via regular mail or phone:

4804 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, #743
Valley Village, CA 91607-3717


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