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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance | Donovan's Reef — CYRIL J. MOCKRIDGE

Kritzerland is proud to present the world premiere of two great scores on one great CD – both starring John Wayne and both directed by John Ford!




Composed by Cyril Mockridge


In 1962, when he made The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, the legend known as John Ford was nearing the end of his long and amazing career. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance would be the first of only two films he made for Paramount Pictures. With a screenplay by James Warner Bellah and Willis Goldbeck, the film is Ford doing what Ford did best – telling a good yarn better than any other filmmaker could. He got two superstars, both of whom he’d worked with before, John Wayne and James Stewart (their first film together).

It’s no surprise that the film, which featured two of the biggest box-office stars in the world, was an immediate hit.  Critic Roger Ebert wrote lovingly of the film: “The film takes place at that turning point in the West when the rule of force gave way to the rule of law, and when literacy began to gain a foothold. It asks the question: Does a man need to carry a gun in order to disagree or state an opinion? It takes place in the town of Shinbone, in an unnamed territory that is moving toward a vote on statehood. Farmers want statehood. Cattlemen do not. In a few characters and a gripping story, Ford dramatizes the debate about guns that still continues in many Western states. That he does this by mixing in history, humorous supporting characters and a poignant romance is typical; his films were complete and self-contained in a way that approaches perfection. Without ever seeming to hurry, he doesn't include a single gratuitous shot.” 

Cyril J. Mockridge provided the score to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and a great score it is, filled with original themes as well as some source music that’s beautifully arranged into the fabric of the score. Ford asked for a nod to Alfred Newman’s “Ann Rutledge Theme” from Young Mr. Lincoln, because he felt it evoked lost love. It’s a short score, but one cannot imagine the film without it.

The following year, Ford was back with his new film, Donovan’s Reef, reuniting John Wayne with Lee Marvin. The movie is a colorful lark, but one with some serious undertones such as racial bigotry, conniving corporations and greed.

Once again, Ford used Cyril J. Mockridge for the film’s musical score. Mockridge mostly uses traditional Hawaiian music for his themes, but it all works perfectly in the film, giving it an authentic Hawaiian flavor and keeping the frolicsome nature of the film moving right along.  There are also some very lovely themes as the score goes along, and it’s just a delightful pastiche for a delightful pastiche of a film.
This is the world premiere release for both The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Donovan’s Reef, all taken from various elements in the Paramount vaults.  Some of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is in stereo, some in mono.  All of Donovan’s Reef is in stereo.  So, here are two wonderful world-premiere scores by Cyril J. Mockridge.  As the Duke would say in Liberty Valance – listen up, Pilgrim.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance/Donovan’s Reef is limited to 1000 copies only and is priced at $19.98, plus shipping.

CDs will ship by the second week of September, but we’ve been averaging three to five weeks early in terms of shipping ahead of the official ship date. 





(Click on cover for enlarged version)

• Click on titles below to hear a song sample:

Main Title
Cactus Rose
Sad Reunion/Overland Stage
Sweet Genevieve/Saloon Music
Music of the Bars
A Shapely Student*/A Rose for Hallie*
Whiskey Bottle/Tom’s Adios
The Pen and the Sword**
After Election – Part 1 & 2/Peabody’s Shadow
Carmela/Jarabe Tapatio/Shinbone Saloon
Tears and Tenderness**
Longhorne Brass Band/Longhorne Bugle Band
Longhorne is Nominated/Stoddard is Nominated
Tom Shot Liberty
The Last of Tom
Cactus Rose Again*/Finale**
Mexican Celebration/Saloon Piano Sweetener
Utility Drum Track
*Consists of “Ann Rutledge Theme” by Alfred Newman (from Young Mr. Lincoln)
**Includes “Ann Rutledge Theme” by Alfred Newman

Main Title
Ship Ahoy/Haleakaloha/Donovan’s Departure
Pulchritudinous Plumbing/Governor’s Guests/Gilhooley on Shore/
What Andre Sees
Zamboanga/Yankee Doodle (Trad.)
Not Wanted/A Drenched Amelia
Vintage Bathing Suit/Beauty Incognito
Pax/Goddess of the Campaign/Canoe Ahoy
Little Half-Castes
Introduction to Waipio/Silent Night (F. Gruber)
Queen Lelani
Accepting the Family
Choo-Choo (Blow the Man Down) (Trad.)/Frere Jacques (Trad.)/
Gilhooley’s Reef (Blow the Man Down)/Pupu O Ewa (Trad.) and Finale
Pupu O Ewa (Trad.)
A Song of Old Hawaii
(Johnny Noble and Gordon Beecher)

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Barcode: 857252002845 | Selection: 20028-4  
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