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Andre Previn's "Two For The Seesaw"


Kritzerland is proud to offer a limited edition CD – the original motion picture soundtrack from Two For The Seesaw, with music by Andre Previn. We are especially pleased that the release announcement just happens to coincide with Mr. Previn’s 80th birthday.

A true Kritzerland Holy Grail, Two For The Seesaw is one of Previn’s most beautiful scores. The film, one of three that Previn scored in 1962 (the others were Long Day’s Journey Into Night and TheFour Horsemen Of The Apocalypse), starred Shirley MacLaine and Robert Mitchum and was adapted from the hit play by William Gibson. Robert Wise directed (fresh off his Academy Award-winning blockbuster, West Side Story).

Previn’s score is wonderfully evocative and haunting, and features one of his most memorable themes. It perfectly captures the loneliness, yearning, and neediness of its two leading characters in one fantastic cue after another. The solo trumpet, sax, and trombone work is breathtaking, as is Previn’s writing for strings – romantic, rueful, filled with love, pain, and the whole damned thing.  And then there’s the jazz element – and no one did the jazz element in film scores quite like Previn.  It’s forty-four minutes of pure Previn heaven. 

The CD has been remixed from the original three-track stereo session masters and it sounds as if it were recorded yesterday, only things recorded yesterday don’t sound this good.

This release is limited to 1000 copies only.






Song From Two For The Seesaw
(Main Titles)

Salty Sophie
I’m Sick
Just Make One Claim
Where Were You All Night
Everybody’s Got A Radio
He Saw She Saw
Song From Two For The Seesaw
(Second Chance – vocal version)

Two For The Twist
Empty Bed
I Need You
The Parting and The End

This selection is SOLD OUT.
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