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NEW :: "Patrick Bronstein Presents"

Patrick Bronstein Presents. For over fifty years, Patrick Bronstein produced movies in virtually every genre and yet few remember those films. When author Paul Khanna contacts him to write a book about his life in movies, his response is, “You want to write a book about an eighty-four-year-old Jew who made pictures?” And so begins a series of informal interviews that take place over lunches in Patrick Bronstein’s favorite Los Angeles eateries. During those interviews, Patrick Bronstein tells his story, from his beginnings as a film producer in 1954 through the wild ride that becomes his colorful career. He spares no one, least of all himself, in discussing a career laden with films that were never successful. From low-budget programmers to epic films shot in Spain to his disastrous four marriages, it’s all here, told in riotous and hilarious detail. Patrick Bronstein Presents is a trip through a Hollywood that simply can never exist again, and a look at the kind of producer we’ll never have again. Patrick Bronstein first appeared in Bruce Kimmel’s Adriana Hofstetter mystery, Murder at the Hollywood Historical Society, and he’s appeared in each subsequent book in that series. But now it’s time for him to tell his own story, in all its outspoken, no-holds-barred glory, a story that’s sidesplittingly funny one moment and touching the next.


"PATRICK BRONSTEIN PRESENTS delivers a laugh or a smile on every page! As a youngauthor conducts deep interviews with a movie producer for a biography, we learn theups and downs of the old man’s life and career as the producer of “C” movies from the’50s into the late 20th Century. And we get a tour of the finest restaurants in Los Angelesas well. This novel pulls the reader in, entertains and educates with every chapter.It’s a great read."
—D.C. Fontana, novelist, and writer for numerous TV series, including Star Trek, Star Trek–The Next Generation,Babylon 5, Streets of San Francisco, Bonanza, The High Chaparral, and The Big Valley

Trade edition hardcover
(signed by the author): $25

“Retired octogenarian B-movie producer Patrick Bronstein has had short but memorablehilarious curmudgeonly appearances in several of Kimmel’s Adriana Hofstetter mysteries.Here, let loose in his own book of reminiscences, he takes us on a laugh-out-loudsixty-year tour of his seemingly benighted career of producing cheap knock-offs. At thesame time, Kimmel presents a wittily critical mini-history of the stages through whichmotion pictures have passed since the 1950s. There’s a brief cameo that plays into oneof the novel’s unique themes—the symbiosis that exists between celebrities and fans.Great fun!”
Dick Lochte, author of Sleeping Dog

"I absolutely love this book! Bruce Kimmel has lovingly created an hilarious, nostalgicromp through the bygone world of this totally gross but lovable schlockmeister who,though fictional, is totally real. A truly delicious, laugh-out-loud read.”
—Richard M. Sherman, composer/lyricist of Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty, BangBang, The Jungle Book

Book will ship the end of April, most likely sooner.

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Trade Edition Hardcover
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Trade Edition Hardcover
U.S: BUY NOW! $25.00
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