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NEW :: "Murder at the Hollywood Division"

Adriana Hofstetter, the sixteen-year-old intrepid journalism student, returns in a crackerjack new mystery, her sixth adventure, Murder at the Hollywood Division.

When a police detective is shot four times while sitting in his car in a Hollywood neighborhood, the Hollywood Division, including Detective Ramirez, will not rest until they find the person who did it.  They have no clues, no witnesses and nothing at all to go on. 

Adriana hears about it and wants to help.  And so begins a journey that ultimately puts her in mortal danger, a danger from which she may not escape.  

Murder at the Hollywood Division is filled with tension, but also the trademark Hofstetter humor, as she interacts with her mother Margaret, best friend Billy Feldman, and a host of other characters.  This time, solving the crime might just cost her her life.

This is Bruce Kimmel’s fifteenth book.  He has a successful record label called Kritzerland, and has worked as either an actor, writer, director, and record producer for over forty-four years.  He also has the longest-running daily blog in the history of the Internet.  A native of Los Angeles, he currently lives in Studio City, California and occasionally can be seen jogging rather pathetically


Trade edition hardcover (signed by the author): $25

“This sixth and arguably most suspenseful entry in
the Adriana Hofstetter series begins with the sweetly iconoclastic but dogged teenage sleuth drugged and shivering in a cold, dark basement, awaiting the arrival of a self-proclaimed psychopath who's ‘committed two cold-blooded murders' and plans to make her victim number three. If her perilous situation doesn't compel
you to spend the next several hours finding out how she wound up in such a mess . . . and, more important, how she plans to get out of it, your affection for splendidly crafted, witty whodunits is considerably less than mine.
Adding to the entertainment, the series' familiar supporting characters, including Adriana's loving
“mommy" Margaret, her best friend Billy and the
irascible Detective Ramirez, are prominently featured. The streets, stories and restaurants of Los Angeles are highlighted, and author Kimmel has even included a few imaginative recipes from Margaret's kitchen.”

Dick Lochte, author of the
award-winning Sleeping Dog


Book will ship the end of May, most likely sooner.

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Trade Edition Hardcover
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Trade Edition Hardcover
U.S: BUY NOW! $25.00
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