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Georges Delerue's "That Man From Rio"


Kritzerland is proud to offer a limited edition CD – the original motion picture soundtrack to Philippe de Broca’s classic That Man From Rio, with music by Georges Delerue.

That Man From Rio hit movie screens in 1964 and was an instant sensation. A brilliant adventure comedy thriller, the film had it all – adventure, comedy, and thrills and plenty of them, plus the star power of Jean-Paul Belmondo in the lead, along with the stunningly beautiful Francoise Dorleac as his fiancé.  Also on hand were Jean Servais and Adolfo Celi, both terrific in supporting roles. The film was shot on location in France, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia (the city of the future, just then being built).  The film was a huge success, especially in the United States, so much so that its screenplay was nominated for an Academy Award.

The score was by de Broca’s frequent collaborator, the great Georges Delerue. For That Man From Rio Delerue created one of his most delightful scores, one that perfectly accompanied the outrageous action on the screen. The score has so much variety and humor and melody and beauty, and in so many different styles – from pure adventure scoring to Brazilian rhythms (and some great songs), along with some hauntingly beautiful passages, and all in the classic Delerue style. The duo of de Broca and Delerue is a triumph of music and image working hand in hand. 

At the time of the film’s release, two 45rpm EPs were released, one in France and one in the UK, both comprised of different material and amounting to approximately twenty minutes of music. Both were very hard to find and became very sought after collector’s items.  Universal France issued what they called a “soundtrack” CD – that had only six cues, three of which weren’t from the soundtrack at all, but were re-recordings conducted by Alexandre Desplat. The reasons for this, as stated in their booklet, was that the cupboard was bare for Rio tapes in Delerue’s personal archive.

Happily, the cupboard wasn’t bare for Kritzerland and we are thrilled to present every note of Georges Delerue’s marvelous score, all taken from the original tapes. In addition to the complete score, we’ve included a few things that didn’t make the film, as well as some alternate versions of cues, where tempos were different. The CD runs over seventy minutes.

Some of the cues are mono, some stereo and are presented here exactly as they were recorded. 

This release is limited to 1000 copies only. 





Main Title
Eight Days Leave/Theft At The Museum
The Thieves Escape/The Professor Kidnapped/Quick Change
Flight To Rio/Airport Mayhem
Welcome To Rio/Following The Bad Guys
Sir Winston
More Adventure
Night In Rio
The Seashore
Agnes and Sir Winston Dance/
Rescuing The Professor
On The Road
The Adventure Continues
Romantic Moment
Fireworks At De Castro’s Party
The Real Statue
Parachute To The Alligators
The Amazon
Close Shave
The Café
The Three Statues
Agnes Learns The Truth
Through The Jungle
An Ancient Temple
The Secret Of The Statues
In And Out Of Danger
End Title

21 Bonus tracks (Sound Cues and Alternate Cues)

This selection is SOLD OUT.
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