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Kritzerland is proud to present Bruce Kimmel’s latest novel:


It’s been twenty years since we left Benjamin Kritzer having just graduated high school in Kritzer Time (which followed Benjamin Kritzer and Kritzerland). Now, Benjamin is back, picking up where Kritzer Time left off, as he begins the next three years of his life, which will take him on many new adventures—some thrilling, some funny, some touching, some scary.

Making new friends, having a few romances, meeting a whole array of fascinating people, touring with a play around the country, working a few fun survival jobs, learning from great theater teachers, and most of all, coming of age as an actor, appearing in plays and musicals at Los Angeles City College, then considered one of the top drama departments in the country.

Along the way, he still has a contentious relationship with his mother, his father has taken it on the lam and disappeared, Grandpa Gelfinbaum still says, “What is it, fish?” at every opportunity, Grandma Gelfinbaum still pinches his cheeks until they’re red, but mostly this is a joyous journey through Benjamin’s final teen years into his adulthood from the summer of 1965 to Christmas of 1968.

Kritzer World is a world filled with much warmth, many surprises, and a lot of humor.


The lost years are found! This required reading in Bruce Kimmel’s memorable saga of Benjamin Kritzer—guess we'll never break the code of those initials!—proves him once again to be the Saroyan of Showbiz. If Holden Caulfield and Sal Paradise opted to go On the Road to William Morris, they could not have created a more entertaining or endearing journal than this vibrant, empathic memoir. I laughed, I cried, I ached, I avoided the draft! Discover again what it was to be young, wide-eyed, starstruck, indefatigably resilient, and unjustifiably optimistic in the most freewheeling decade ever. We all remember the class clown ... now meet the classiest clown, as Benjamin Kritzer comes of age on many stages and for the ages.

Rupert Holmes
New York Times Bestselling Author
and fan of all things Kritzer

Set in the mid-to-late 1960s, Kimmel’s new novel covers his literary doppelganger Benjamin Kritzer‘s college years—a period fraught with teenage romance, some sweetly innocent, others complex and frustrating, friendships, parental problems (his father runs afoul of Bad Men and has to “take it on the lam”), auto and motorbike accidents and even the chilling aspect of a Vietnam War draft. But as entrancing as these smoothly written sub-plots are, along with Kimmel’s razor-sharp memory of 60s movies, music and the environs of his cherished Hollywood, they don’t quite share center stage with Benjamin’s true love—performing in plays and musicals at Los Angeles City College. When the young actor learns of his casting as the lead in his favorite musical Stop the World—I Want to Get Off, Kimmel’s careful description of his joy makes it a believable “Once in a Lifetime” experience. 

Dick Lochte
Author of Blues in the Night


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