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NEW :: Murder At The Hollywood Historical Society — by Bruce Kimmel

An Adriana Hofstetter mystery

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy Christmas Vacation, fifteen-year-old Adriana Hofstetter is back with another case to solve. She and her mother are volunteers at the Hollywood Historical Society, a group of Hollywood old-timers and preservationists dedicated to saving what’s left of classic Hollywood iconography. When one of their key players kills himself, Adriana begins to wonder if the suicide isn’t really murder. Using her journalistic skills, she begins a mission to uncover the truth.

Along the way, she meets an incredibly colorful cast of characters, and learns all about Hollywood when it was not only a place but also a state of mind. It’s a sometimes dangerous, sometimes treacherous journey, but Adriana Hofstetter cannot—and will not—stop until she reaches the journey’s end. 

Her mother Margaret is back (and listening to her classic rock-and-roll as loud as ever), as are Adriana’s best friend, musical theater-loving Billy Feldman, and her cat, Furball. And Detectives Ramirez and Coyne are back, too, as skeptical as ever.

Murder At The Hollywood Historical Society is fast, funny, and filled with wonderful portraits of Hollywood, then and now. And, of course, a mystery to be solved.


“Adriana Hofstetter is not your average teenager.  Bucking all the popular trends and touchstones of her generation, she is out-of-step, out-of-touch, and out-of-fashion; even her dial-up computer is out of date.  She's definitely not hanging with the cool kids. But then how many cool kids solve mysteries with a skewed tenacity that puts Nancy Drew to shame?  In this latest adventure, neither LA downpours, doubting detectives, nor the onslaught of Christmas can stop Adriana from sticking her quirky nose into the secrets of an array of Hollywood oldies and oddities to ferret out foul play.  All this is done with author Bruce Kimmel's usual witty panache that is a love letter to both Los Angeles and nerdy teenage misfits.”

— Charles Edward Pogue
Screenwriter of Dragonheart, DOA, & The Fly

“Surviving and solving Murder at Hollywood High and Murder at the Grove hasn't slowed down Kimmel's irrepressible teenage sleuth Adriana Hofstetter a whit. Now she's back in arguably her most entertaining adventure, searching for the murderer of a dedicated movieland preservationist. As with the adorable Adriana's other amateur investigations, this one offers a clever fairplay whodunit plot and an assortment of added delights for movie fans, from a walking tour of Hollywood then and now to a hilarious two-paragraph summation of the last fifty years of American film history courtesy of a gloriously larger-than-life out-of-work producer. He's just one of a gallery of memorable characters who, with the exception of a vicious killer, wind up singing Hooray for Hofstetter.”

— Dick Lochte, author of Sleeping Dog
and co-author (with Al Roker) of Murderon the Morning Show

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