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NEW :: "GEE"

GEE is the story of a headstrong, willful and most peculiar girl who navigates her way from the early years of the twentieth century, through nine decades of living.  It’s a life filled with the history of those decades, a life filled with everything that goes with life: wonder, sorrow, happiness, fate, unrequited love, and all the rest of it. She’s a most peculiar girl with an indomitable spirit, humor, strength, and a unique perspective of the world and life.

It is also the story of another young woman navigating her way through life in the early twenty-first century.  It’s a very different world and a very different kind of journey.   

GEE is the tale of these two women, a tale told with warmth and humor.  It’s a portrait of lives connecting across generations in ways that are sure to surprise and enchant readers of all ages.


“How can a novel so utterly funny, charming and endearing be at the same time so searingly poignant, spellbinding and uplifting? I would tell you in a tidal wave of praise why this is truly a Magic Book, one that seems to have materialized before us from a parallel universe... but I dare not ruin the joy you’ll have in uncovering its mysteries. Where it begins and where it ends you may not be sure until its final pages. But it will evoke feelings you’ve had about the lost loves of your life, and dreams you’ve always known to be true. Sorcerer Bruce Kimmel plays Three Card Monte with a deck of Tarot cards and reveals all that is other-worldly in our everyday world. I urge you to open this book and read it this very moment. Don't pass on the chance whatever you do. It might never come your way again.”

— Rupert Holmes, Tony and Edgar award winning author

Trade edition hardcover
(signed by the author): $25



Book will ship the end of April, most likely sooner.

U.S. Outside U.S.
Trade Edition Hardcover
United States
: BUY NOW! $25.00
U.S. Shipping & Handling $8.00
Trade Edition Hardcover
U.S: BUY NOW! $25.00
Outside U.S. Shipping & Handling $18.00
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