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Kritzerland is proud to present Bruce Kimmel’s latest book:


Bruce Kimmel began directing at the ripe old age of fifteen. Directed by is his account of his sixty years directing plays, musicals, TV, movies, and more. He covers all of it—how he found what worked for him, mistakes he made along the way, tips on how to deal with actors and other creatives, how to deal with problems that arise that must be solved quickly, and how to keep the work atmosphere as positive as possible. He also talks about the film and theater directors who influenced him and the directors he worked with as an actor.

There are anecdotes aplenty about his hit cult film, The First Nudie Musical, and his second film, The Creature Wasn’t Nice, and its difficulties in post-production. Asked to replace a director on a film called Prime Suspect on a day’s notice, he goes into detail about dealing with an unhappy star whose boyfriend was the director he replaced, how he got the crew instantly on his side, how he was able to at least make a few sequences that he was proud of, but learning that no matter how professional you are and how creative you are, you cannot overcome an incoherent script.

Kimmel also talks about the trend-setting cabaret shows he’s done, the nightclub acts he’s directed, working with kid performers, and his oddest assignment, directing a Hanna-Barbera rap video for kids. He doesn’t shy away from talking about people who were difficult, but mostly he’s lavish in his praise of those he’s worked with. He also talks about his two successful web series, how it was to direct his bucket-list production of the musical Li’l Abner, as well as the world premiere of the Sherman Brothers musical, Levi!, the story of Levi Strauss.

The book is filled with humor and the occasional sense of the absurd, Kimmel’s sometimes peculiar ways of working, and mostly the extreme pleasure he takes in the work. All that, and you’ll learn the meaning of JEF.

So, buckle up for this sometimes wild ride through a multi-faceted directing career.

This is Bruce Kimmel’s twenty-fifth book. If you’ve missed the other twenty-four, they’re all available at the big online stores. He is still actively directing, his latest accomplishments being a successful production of the flop musical, 70, Girls, 70 and the award-winning web series, Sami, which is streaming on Amazon Prime. Mr. Kimmel is a proud member of the Directors Guild of America for over forty years.


Bruce Kimmel’s Directed by is a delightful read. Coming from his rich theatrical background, he takes the reader on a behind the scenes journey outlining his experiences acting in TV, movies, and theater with an array of famous directors and then moving into the director’s chair himself. He gives the reader advice on directing based on specific incidents from his own career. His keenly observed descriptions of legendary Broadway musicals, films, and directors are like a time capsule.

Randal Kleiser
Director of Grease, The Blue Lagoon, Big Top Pee Wee

A must-read for anyone interested in the performing arts! Kimmel takes us on a joyful, entertaining ride through his impressive 60+ years of directing theatre, TV and films. Jam-packed with fascinating stories and anecdotes, Directed by is a treasure trove of tips on how to inspire actors and crew, solve challenging script and staging problems, and most of all maintain a sense of humor and positive attitude to make every production the absolute best it can be. As with his shows, Kimmel’s book moves right along and will leave you demanding an encore!

David Wechter
Writer/Director Disney’s Midnight Madness, The Faculty, Malibu Bikini Shop

If you have snobby friends who say there is no theatre in LA, this book will turn them around. Bruce Kimmel IS theatre in LA as he tells you in a "lean in, you won't believe how we pulled it off" tone that will keep you fascinated. He's also directed movies and TV and cabaret and recordings and all sorts of things spread over a decades-long career. Places, please!

Bruce Vilanch
Emmy-winning writer and blonde Hollywood Square


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